The Cozy Warmth of a Fireplace Make Your Home a Best Place to Relax

If you desire a decorative but functional piece that warming your home in winter, the modern eco-friendly fireplaces are the great things to acquire this year.

Custom Fireplace Doors

One of most simple ones in the category, the custom fireplace doors are one of the most sold products among the modern house owners and well-deservedly so, as it gives the room an elegant look apart from the usual warmth it provides one with.

This is safe to use as it obviously has the door as a guard and also provides maximum security for dangerous spaces. The door is often designed to be closed automatically and that makes it safe to use even in the presence of children and veterans.

The users of custom fireplace doors have reported about the unmatched comfort it offers, especially in the wintry chilly nights. They are available in a number of designs and styles and it is most probable that you will come across something that suits to your needs and taste. This gives a traditional look to your home decor and is able to add a dimension of its own in terms of aesthetic beauty.

To have a primary knowledge about this product, you can visit the departmental stores in your vicinity or have a look at the online shops to know about any possible discounts available on the products. Upon hearing so many advantages, you may have turned worried that these are something out of your budget, but we assure you that are not the case and most of them are well affordable.

Here in this article, we give you the primary information about the most popular ranges of this product, so that you can have a rough idea about what to look out for in the shops. The price can sway between large classes but you must choose the one that matches your requirements best.

Auto Close Hearth Gate

(by KidCo)

The KidCo Auto Close Hearth Gate - Black is a smart and safe way to keep your toddlers safe while warming your home. Crafted from durable steel material, this handy hearth gate features quick-release wall hardware that installs easily. Some of its fantastic features are:

  • Made of Heavy-duty steel
  • Product Dimensions: 132 by 31 inches
  • Provides you maximum security for dangerous spaces
  • Dual magnet locks gate automatically
  • Hold open feature secures gate open for free traffic
Today, KidCo ensure the highest level of customer service to both dealers and end consumers. Now you may have it in an exciting price of $159.95.

Custom Flat Guard with Arched Doors

(by Pleasant Hearth)

Custom Flat Guards (made in America) are crafted according to your special fireplace. They're available with a maximum width of 60 inch or a maximum height of 48 inch, so that you can get your desired one. Colours like Finishes Black, Burnished Bronze, and Vintage Iron are available in stores. It has some cool features, which are listed below.

  • Made of Vintage Iron
  • Product Dimensions: 60 by 48 inches
  • Black burnished bronze finish
  • Crafted in USA
Shipping allows 3-4 weeks for delivery. Buy it at only $899.95 and enjoy free shipping too.

Custom Straight Flat Guard with Doors

(by Pleasant Hearth)

American-made Custom Flat Guards are there just for your special or hard-to-fit fireplace. According to your need, they're available with a maximum width of 60" or a maximum height of 48". Finishes Black, Burnished Bronze, Vintage Iron are in the market. Now it is the time for you to pick up the best one as per your own requirements. Shipping allows 3-4 weeks for delivery. Some of its great features are discussed below.

  • Product Dimensions: 60 by 48 inches
  • Black burnished bronze finish
  • Crafted in USA
You may call 1-800-866-6072 with your fireplace measurements, and they will assist you to choose the right screen for your hearth.

With all those product details now known, you are now informed enough to go out to the shops and single out the custom fireplace doors that match your requirements the best staying inside the budget limit. Another added advantage of it is the delivery time is always nominal and most of the times, the delivery charges are zero, even though you order for an emergency arrival.

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