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Duvet Bedding: Best Buying & Washing Guide, Ideal Materials, Sizes and Thread Counts

Duvet bedding is a must when it comes to keeping your comforter clean and ready all the time. It serves as an envelope into which the comforter can be placed in. The duvet bedding is also called duvet cover. This accessory is available in two forms-one is fitted with a chain on the sides to close and the other type comes with buttons.

Duvet cover must be considered first when you are choosing the right bed duvet for your room. The cover looks like a pillowcase, as it completely envelops your duvet. Being made from soft and comfortable fabrics, duvets need the covers to keep the substances clean and harm free. In addition, to give a new and updated looks to your duvet just buy a new duvet cover.

What is Duvet Bedding?

A duvet is a type of bedding or continental quilt as it also known - a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic alternative, and protected with a removable cover, analogous to a pillow and pillow case. Duvets originated in rural Europe and were made from the down feathers of the eider duck, known for its usefulness as a thermal insulator.

Source: Wikipedia

Duvet Bedding Buying Guide:

Being magnificent and helpful the duvet cover is an indispensable part of your bedroom. Children need it as much as others in your house. Thematic duvet cover is available which would match with the color of your room. Hollow fiber type of duvet cover is low priced and the goose down quality comes under the luxury variety that comes with a heavier price tag.

How to Wash a Duvet Cover?

Place the duvet cover in the machine when you are ready to begin the washing cycle. Just like normal loads, be sure to evenly spread out the duvet covet throughout the machine. Also be sure to wash this alone. If you see that the cover is too big for your washer simply go to your local laundry matt and wash the cover there. After you have put the detergent in and set the machine on warm-wash cycle be sure to monitor the cycle making sure that the duvet cover does not bunch up. If so, stop and re-distribute the cover in the machine.

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What is the Best Material for Duvet Bedding?

You must take into consideration the different types of materials used for duvet covers when you are going through the alternatives. The mostly used material is cotton. It is pocket friendly and keeps the bed comfortable throughout the year. By regulating the temperature of the bed cotton makes your bed cool in the summer and hot in the winter. Silk is the other highly favored material but it is too luxurious and too pricey. Some people do not hesitate to shell out extra money to sleep on silk.

Duvet Bedding Video:

This video describes how to put a duvet cover on a comforter; you can easily build up your bed very attractive and comfortable.

Duvet Size Guide for Bed:

Duvet sets are available in every size which is compulsory for a bed. They are available in full, twin, king, California king and queen sizes. While buying a duvet you must remember one thing that it will suitably fit the bed you are buying for. The cover for the duvet has to be of the equal size. Buying a duvet that is larger than the bed is not a wise decision. You must follow the same wile buying the duvet cover. Similarly, choosing a size too small that won't fit will be nothing but waste of money.

How to Fit a Duvet Cover?

Place the duvet flat on your bed. Gather up the two sides of the duvet cover. Start at the opening of the cover. Gather the duvet with your hands, all the way to the bottom corners of the cover. Slip the duvet cover over one end of the duvet. Match the corners of the duvet to the inside bottom corners of the duvet cover. Grasp each bottom corner of the duvet cover and the duvet. Shake the duvet and the duvet cover, while holding onto the bottom corners of the duvet and cover. The cover should slide over the duvet.

Source: eHow

Thread Count of Duvet Cover:

One wants to know the thread count when purchasing a cover that goes along with the duvet. The thread count stands for the number of threads found in every square inch of the cover. The number may vary from 100 to 1200. The quality and softness of the duvet cover depends on high thread count. 300 to 500 thread counts are considered the standard count.

Duvet Cover Planning and Project:

In her book ''Sandra Betzina Sews for Your Home'' first published in 2002, author Sandra Betzina has teamed with interior designer Debbie Valentine to produce a home decorating book that is stylish and appealing. This book includes dozens of projects for sewers at every skill level, along with complete step-by-step instructions and more than 400 color photos and illustrations. Betzina is renowned in the sewing world.

A duvet cover helps keep the comforter clean, and each duvet cover you make gives your bedroom a new look. Whether you are outfitting your first apartment or downsizing after the children have left home, it's easy to make your surroundings reflect your personality, needs, and tastes. Click here to download the project plan.

Source: eHow

Buying a few duvet bedding sets as well as covers is a better idea because you can use them all over the year. Blankets or sheets are not necessarily used with a duvet. So, you can spend the money to procure these supplementary items for your bed. It will not let you get tired of sleeping on the similar colors, themes and designs every day.

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