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Goose Down Duvet

Goose Down Duvet, Here is an interesting nugget of information for you! Did you know that the geese migrate on a regular basis across the coldest parts of the world and all they have to safeguard them from the harsh, cold winds are their feathers?

Goose down is the most common of all natural duvet fillers and finding the reason is not very difficult since we all know the various climates and landscapes that a goose faces in its life. A high quality, light feather duvet cover must work as a waterproof covering, an aerodynamic yet long-lasting insulator. Being versatile goose down is attracting major attention and at present ruling the market.

Thus, it comes across as no surprise that geese feathers turn out to be very effective in providing comfort and warmth. In fact, when it comes to comforters and quilts, goose down is the most popular choice for fill. Goose down duvet provide a sure shot way to ward off the cold and to keep you warm and comfy on those chilly, cold winter nights.

Talking of goose down duvet filter, there are three options. These include basic white goose down, Siberian goose down and Hungarian goose down. While Siberian goose down is a marked improvement over the basic white goose down, it is the Hungarian goose down duvet filter which tops the popularity charts. Hungarian goose down feathers comes with a longer filament which indicates the presence of more fibers. More fibers allow larger insulating clouds to be created when the duvet is produced. The ability to keep the weight of the duvet as less as possible and retain the warmth and insulation value is the reason behind the escalating popularity of Hungarian goose down duvets.

There are certain factors that should be given due consideration as you zero in on a goose down duvet. The fill power of the comforter is one of the most important determinant factors. A higher fill power ensures less weight and better insulation. A fill power of 600 implies good quality, while 700 refers to excellent quality. 800 or higher indicates superb quality.

While selecting the warmth level of your goose down duvets, keep in mind the temperature you like when you sleep at night. "Super Light Comfort" goose down comforters is ideal for those who favor a room temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit or above. "Light Comfort" is for those who prefer room temperatures of 69 degrees to 74 degrees. "Medium Warmth" is for those who favor room temperatures between 65 degrees and 69 degrees; "Extra Warmth" is for those who like the room temperatures to be between 62 degrees and 65 degrees; and "Ultra Warmth" is for those who like temperatures below 62 degrees.

You will not have any problem in washing a goose down duvet because it is washable. The twin or full sized goose down duvet may be washed at home washing machine. Though risky, you can give it a try. But you should go to the laundry mat when you have the king or queen, because they require large washing machines & dryers. To be precise, we are talking about comforters made of goose down. Dry cleaning will make a hole in your pocket and you would feel the absence of the comforter for at least a few days. So, doing it yourself is the best option. You must not wash your goose down duvets very often because too much washing takes a toll on its longevity. Freshening is better than washing and it is also very simple. You just need to hang it outside. Dry cleaning your goose down duvets once in every three to five years is recommended.

Basic white goose down duvets is easy on the pockets while the Hungarian goose down duvets are the pricey ones. Choose warmth, choose goose down duvet!

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