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Pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy pillows are one of the most important commodities you need during the pregnancy period of a woman. Apart from the care and comfort it provides, it is also available in a number of vibrant designs, giving your room an extra edge over those of your neighbors.

When the pregnant woman and the newborn need utmost care and great attention from others, it provides them with the much-needed pleasure and relaxation. It is also easily available as the delivery time is very low, with nominal shipping charges being the additional advantage.

People who have used the pregnancy pillows in the past have unanimously agreed about the usefulness of the product. To have a first look, you have to visit the physical stores in your locality. Checking out the online stores can be another great option. This is available in a plethora of color, design and texture as well. Cotton however, remains the most favorite material among all, given the durability and lack of friction of its own.

Since wide varieties are available, it is most probable that you will find something that matches your home decoration. After hearing the advantages, you may assume that this is very costly an out of your budget's reach. But we want to stress that more often than not, this is exactly opposite to the real case, as most of these are affordable and reasonably priced. A number of luxurious products, however, are also in the offering.

The most significant aspect of this is the care it offers for the mother and the baby. It gives a sponge-like touch, which is loved by everybody. This is also durable and is easy to wash. In this article, we will give out some product details so that it becomes easier for you to select one in the market.

Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

(by Todays Mom)

This is an excellent maternity pillow. One of the most popular options, this is priced at a low $79.99, is available in 4 different color. This often is a hot pick among the house-owners due to its durability and comfort. This Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow has some positive sides, which are discussed below.

  • Keeps Mommy's back cushioned and baby supported while nursing
  • Designed to caress the natural curves of the body
  • Cradles whole body and keeps it in continuous comfort
  • Available in Almond, Espresso, Sky Blue, White color
  • Crafted in USA
This is one of the only maternity pillows crafted with an easy to remove zipper cover. These points ensure that you have to consider about it at least once before you make the final call.

Sealy Sweet Pea 2-in-1 Maternity and Nursing Pillow, Cappuccino

(by Sealy)

The second name on our list is available in the Cappuccino color, which adds an elegant look to your room. This Sealy Sweet Pea 2-in-1 Maternity and Nursing Pillow is filled with 100% hypoallergenic polyester for resiliency and enclosed in a 230 thread count 100% cotton casing, which assures you a long lasting durability. This is very affordable, priced at only $36.75. A few cool points about this are:

  • Made of 100% Microfiber polyester
  • Outer shell cover is made of 100% cotton, giving a smooth touch
  • Helps align the tummy, hips, lower back and knees to decrease discomfort and pain during the pregnancy period
  • Both the pillow and pillow cover is machine washable
  • Made in USA
All these good points about this ensure that you will have to give it a thought before buying one pillow for your pregnant family member.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

(by Leachco)

The last one in our list has a unique design and is priced at an affordable $45.89. This Leachco Snoogle body pillow is usually great for supporting your back and legs during pregnancy; it allows you to get full comfort in many different sleeping positions. This also have the free shipping facility available and is available in Brown and White. Let's have a look at some good features of the commodity:

  • Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • Cozy and cuddly polyester pillow for firm support
  • Patented whole body pillow design supports back and belly, insert between legs
  • Available with washable and removable custom cover case
  • Made in USA
This is ideal for support while nursing after baby is born. This is the last on your check-list before going out to the stores.

Now with all these information regarding pregnancy pillows ready, you are well-prepared to go out and make the final call.

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